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I love video games where you farm stuff.*

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* No, not Farming Simulator, sorry.

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A UX designer walks into a Tesla Bar


Tesla isn't the only company sacrificing usability for aesthetic or strategic purposes - looking at you, Apple - but it's particularly awful when it gets in the way of the driver. When Apple does it, it's only annoying someone holding a phone. When Tesla does it, it's distracting someone in control of 4,000 pounds of steel moving at 75 miles per hour.

Even something as simple as a blog has to consider compromises like this. For instance, take the permanent links for link posts such as this. Some blogs omit them entirely, or make them small icons to the left or right of the title, but this blog has a button with "Permalink" on it for each link post. It doesn't look very cool, but it's easily understood.

You would think that auto companies would have a more usability-conscious attitude than a silly tech blog run as a hobby, but alas.