Hi, I'm Courtney! I'm a North American wife, mom and UX engineer.

I love video games where you farm stuff.*

All opinions are my own, and do not reflect the attitudes of the company I work for. They know better.

* No, not Farming Simulator, sorry.

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Why write?


I had never heard of Rach Smith until a week or so ago, yet her site is already one of my favorites. I'm pleasantly surprised at how relatable her thoughts and experiences are.

Having just fired up my blog again, her article Why write? seems particularly relevant at the moment, where she's laying down her reasoning towards investing time in her new site. This statement stuck out to me:

I don't want to look back on my life in 5 years and find the only things I have to show for my time are 5,000 changed nappies and 30,000 lines of code. I want a record of what I'm thinking and feeling.

From a public-facing point of view, that describes the last five years of my life pretty well. I'm hoping that my blog gives readers a sense of who I am, now and in the future.